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Juvenile Justice

If your child, teenager, or juvenile has been arrested or charged with a criminal offense they are required , by nearly all courts,  to obtain a juvenile defense attorney. As a lawyer who specializes in juvenile defense I know it’s both frustrating and scary.  I can help.

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Criminal Law

If you have been arrested for any criminal charge in the state of Texas, make sure you have a dedicated criminal defense attorney on your side. I will, as your lawyer, work tirelessly to protect your rights and get the best possible outcome for your case.

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In the role of warrior, I will represent you with honor and fight to get you what you deserve.

I believe balance is important in all things. You don’t want an attorney who will lead you into expensive, drawn-out litigation that is not in your best interest. You also don’t want an attorney who is afraid to stand up for you and fight for what you want and deserve. I work hard to strike a balance between wise advisor and fearless litigator, which allows my clients to make the best, most well-informed decisions while at the same time providing them with the legal tools to enforce and effectuate those decisions. I strive to provide my Dallas, Denton and Collin County clients with top-notch legal representation for their Juvenile Law, Family Law and Criminal Law needs at a reasonable, affordable and honest price.


In the role of counselor, I will communicate with you to determine a best course of action and work with you to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

My goal is to vigorously defend your rights in an aggressive yet professional manner.

Denton Juvenile & Criminal Defense Attorney

There’s usually no shortage of questions regarding the legal system. Our Denton based defense attorney is happy to answer them. You can view a few here or take a look at our blog for the latest from our defense attorney’s office.