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Your child or teenager has been arrested and charged with a criminal offense. What now?

It is both frustrating and scary when your child or teenager is involved with the Juvenile Justice system. Whether their child or teen has been arrested or simply charged with a crime, most parents’ initial reaction is to want their child to plead guilty and face up to their reckless or criminal actions. Many parents therefore want to forego hiring an attorney in order to teach their child or teen responsibility for their actions. However, nearly all juvenile courts, including Denton, Collin and Dallas counties, require a juvenile to be represented by an attorney. The Texas Supreme court has likewise found that juveniles are entitled to legal counsel for any juvenile offenses that could result in confinement. Therefore, whether you think your child or teenager is guilty of an offense or not, if he or she has been arrested or charged with an offense you will have to hire an attorney. If you cannot afford one, you may ask the court to appoint you one. However, you must have a low enough income to qualify for a court-appointed attorney, and even then you will usually be responsible for repaying the attorney for his or her services. Don’t risk your child’s freedom and welfare on a random court-appointed attorney. Seth A Fuller is an experienced juvenile justice attorney and will represent your child or teen in a Juvenile Justice hearing for a low price. He offers flat rates and payment plans. Seth A. Fuller will both protect your child’s rights while at the same time ensuring they understand the gravity of their actions. He will make sure your child gets any rehabilitative services he or she needs to help ensure he or she does not end back up in the system. If your child has been arrested in Denton County, Dallas County, or Collin County, give us a call for experienced and affordable Juvenile Justice representation.

Keep in mind that the conviction will not automatically be sealed at the age of 18.

It will be necessary to apply to the court to have it sealed. If he gets another violation in the meantime, it will likely not be sealed. It is best you contest the shoplifting charge by contacting an attorney. If he is clearly guilty, it helps if the adjudication is withheld so that at later date it may be dismissed upon completion of community service or other conditions ordered by the court.

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